Amongst our recent accomplishments is RevoSize™-

the revolutionary in-house technology to measure foot size is setting new standards in online shopping of shoes.


RevoSize™ - A Primer

There is no organized effort in our country to make ‘correct’ shoes for children to ensure foot health, and there are no trained shoe fitters. The foot girth starts getting wider from about age 5 in boys and age 6 in girls. As a result foot problems like pronation, hallux valgus, corns, hammer toes, smelly feet etc. start showing in children at a very young age. In most cases these problems are caused due to wearing incorrect footwear. 70% foot problems in adults are caused due to wrong footwear worn during childhood. RevoSize ™ helps manufacture BESPOKE SHOES for people whose footwear demands cannot be met with the existing styles.

  • Step 1: Grid Measurement
    • You need:
    • fine-pencil
      1 fine-nib pen or pencil
    • fine-pencil
      2 A4 sheets
    • fine-pencil
      Measuring Tape
    • step-1
      Step 1
      Click on the link to download the measurement grid
      Please do not resize the measurement grid while printing. It should be printed at actual size on an A4 sheet.
      Measurement Grid
    • step-2
      Step 2
      Print 2 copies of the grid on an A4 sheet. Remember to select the ‘do not scale’ option in Print Properties. A measuring scale is pdrovided on the left side of the sheet. Please cut this along the dotted line. It will be used later for measurement.
    • step-2
      Step 3
      Mark the ‘Left’ checkbox on one sheet and the ‘Right’ checkbox on the other.
    • step-2
      Step 4
      Place your child’s right foot in the centre of the sheet marked ‘right’. Ask the child to put pressure on the right foot, and to look straight ahead (and NOT down at his/her feet).
    • step-5
      Step 5
      Get a pencil or a pen and bend over. You should be facing the toes of the child (NOT the heel).
    • step-6
      Step 6
      Draw an outline of the child’s right foot. Start from the outer side of the foot and slowly move over the heel and towards the toes, then over the toes and continue down the outer side of the foot till the pen reaches the point where you started.
    • step-7
      Step 7
      Get the measuring scale cut out from the A4 sheet and place it under the ball of the child’s foot. The girth should be measured by placing the scale in such a way that it covers the widest points of the ball (i.e. the first and fifth metatarsal bone joint). Now, move the scale over the foot and determine the girth of the foot, as shown.
    • step-8
      Step 8
      Ask the child to remove his/her foot from the paper. Draw a horizontal line at the top-most and bottom-most point of the foot outline. Measure the distance between the two horizontal lines using the measuring scale. Write down the length and girth in the space provided.
    • Step 9
      Repeat steps 4 to 8 for the left foot. When drawing the outline for the left foot, start from the inner side of the foot.
    • Step 10
      Send us a photo or scanned copy of the two sheets, along with the results of Step 2: Accu Foot Size.

    Please preserve these sheets to compare with future measurements done of your child’s feet.

    If you have any queries or concerns regarding the measurement of feet through this method, do get in touch with us through phone (toll-free number: 1800 137 0107) or email (

    Depending on the girth of the foot, we offer two width fittings - Normal and Wide, or Wide and Extra Wide - in shoes from sizes 32 to 39. Please note that Normal is equivalent to E width, Wide is equivalent to H width and Extra Wide is equivalent to K width fittings. Please refer to our Size Chart for more information.

    Watch video for step by step instructions

  • Step 2: Accu Foot Size

    You need: A smart phone, an A4 sheet of paper

    Accu Foot Size, our in-house patented app, will help you accurately derive your shoe size including length and girth of your foot, making it easy for you to pick the perfect shoes for your children and yourself while shopping online. Accu Foot Size incorporates a correlation factor that is based on a survey conducted over a population of 1890 adults and 752 children. The correlation factor gives indicative foot girth from the foot width.

    Accuracy of the measurement will depend on quality of the picture, proper alignment of the sheet with the boundary on your camera view and the precision with which you manually calibrate for calculation of the length and width of your child’s foot.

    Accu Foot Size is the only 2D app in the world which gives the length and width of the foot with less than 3 mm margin of error. It also derives the ball girth of the foot with margin of error being less than 4 mm for feet with normal width and thickness. For feet with larger widths and thickness, the error could be between 4-8 mm.

    To determine the shoe size, all you need are the length, the width and hence the ball girth of the foot. No other device including 2D scanners achieve measurement of the length, width and the ball girth at the same time.

    Step-wise instructions are given in the app. You can also read these instructions on the website:

    The iOS app is opimized for: iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, i Phone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, i Phone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus. If you want our team to re-confirm your size, please login to the app. Click here To Download iOS App.

    The Android app is optimized for: Samsung galaxy Note 4, LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus, Xiomi MI5, Xiomi MI3, Samsung Canvas Turbo A25, Sony Experia C4, Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro, HTC Desire 826, Samsung Galaxy Grand Max, Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML, LG G Flex 2, Samsung Galaxy E7, Lenovo P90, Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX550 Click here To Download Android App.

    Email us the results of step 1 and step 2 and we will get back to you with your child’s correct shoe size within 1 working day. Please email the following information to

    • Your Name
    • Child’s Name
    • Child’s age
    • Child’s Gender
    • Foot Problems (if any)

    If you have any queries or concerns regarding the use of this app, do get in touch with us through phone (toll-free number: 1800 137 0107) or email (


  • Step 3: Insole Strip
    In the shoe box, you will find a strip of chart paper marked the “insole." The length of this insole strip is equal to the length of the insole of the shoe, which is the distance between the farthest point at the toe and the back part inside the shoe. This means that it should be the length of your child’s foot plus 9-15 mm, which is the “growing room” or the extra space needed for growth. The following steps will tell you how to use this strip to confirm your child’s size:

    1. Put the insole strip on the floor and have the child stand on it. The back edge of the heel of the foot should be aligned with the bottom edge of the strip

    2. Mark the end of the child's longest toe on the insole with a pen. This mark must lie within the shaded area of the insole, i.e., it must be between 9 and 15 mm from the tip of the insole.

    3. Now put the strip inside the shoe. If the strip fits in the shoe without bending or buckling, the shoe is the right fit for your child. If the strip moves back and forth in the shoe, it is too long. If it bends, the shoe is short. If the big toe or the longest finger stay within the shaded portion of the insole the shoes need no change. However, if the big toe or the longest finger is jutting beyond the shaded portion, the wiggle room becomes smaller than the minimum needed 9 m.m. spare length at the toe that is necessary to accommodate the growth of your child’s foot. It is then time to change your child’s shoe.

    4. Please use this insole to track the growth of your child’s foot every four months in case the child is between ages 6 months to 3 years and every six months for children beyond the ages of 3 years. Children's feet grow in spurts - refer to the section PARENTS' GUIDE for more information. If you find a problem with the shoe, do get in touch with us through phone (toll-free number: 1800 137 0107) or email (

    Watch video for step by step instructions

Accu Foot Size App

Accu Foot Size, our self developed patented app gives the correct shoe size in a few simple steps. It helps the customers derive their shoe size including length and width of the foot, making it easy for them to pick the perfect shoes for themselves and children while shopping online. It is the only 2D app in the world, which gives the length and width of the foot with less than 4 mm margin of error. If the user logs in with their details, he or she can also consult our in house team of sizing experts. This app is available on iOS as well as Android store.


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