Research & Development

We are in constant endeavour to assess customer lifestyle needs and physical characteristics of feet. We evaluate the findings in developing better leather products solutions.

- I.S. Paul
research blog

Due to quality, comfort and style, Drish has stimulated a high demand of footwear and other leather products. This increased demand has been instrumental in improving our leather processing technology, enlarging our manufacturing capacities and increasing productivity. We have some of the most advanced equipment to conduct research and development on leather, shoes and accessories to make better products. Our continuous investment in the area helps us evolve and meet customer expectations by maintaining consistency in quality.

Our engineers and technologists regularly conduct foot surveys to understand the structures and sizes of feet of males, females and children. The surveys help us develop more models of comfortable, stylish and aesthetically pleasing shoes with great fit. The R&D efforts at Drish are also largely focused on designs, which are largely inspired from German and Spanish trends. Our designers work with season’s fresh approach on creating fresh designs, colour combinations, patterns, and use of trims and embellishments round the year. Fit trials and modification is an ongoing feature to ensure a perfect fit across complete size range.

research blog

There are continued efforts for researching and developing different chemical combinations, dyes, colours and prints. Bettering chemical usage and treatment in leather tanning remains a key area of focus in light of developments in eco-sustainability.

research blog

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