Parents' Guide for the right footwear of Kids

Children, especially infants, are short on expression. They can't express discomfort, they can't assess the size of the shoeand they least know the consequences of wearing wrong sizes. Parents who squeeze their child's feet into the wrong-sized shoes could be condemning them to a lifetime of problems. We have reached some conclusions regarding children footwear based on well researched information, probes into worldwide podiatric research, R&D activity and our own extensive foot surveys.

Below are a few pointers for Parents:

  1. Most of the foot problems like hallux valgus, bunions, in-growing toe nails, verrucae, hammer toes and foot pain that adults encounter have the roots in wrong choice of footwear during childhood.
  2. Kids' feet undergo up to three times the stress than an adult foot because children have much higher activity levels than adults.
  3. Too large shoes are just as bad for children as the short ones. Shoes that are too small hinder foot growth and decrease circulation besides hurting. Shoes that are too big can cause uncomfortable chafing or blisters, and also fail to hold on to the child's foot p
  4. It too has been observed that most foot defects were reversed in quite a few cases when children with foot defects (caused by incorrect footwear) were made to wear proper footwear under supervision.operly when running or climbing, causing the child to trip and fall.

For a perfect and safe fit, It is imperative that the shoe is neither too big nor too small. Recommended toe allowance for kids' shoes is 9-12 mm.

The proper way of cutting kids' toe nails is to ensure that the nails are neither cut too short nor allowed to grow too long.

Sufficient level of under-foot cushioning is neccessary to reduce step-shock suffered as a result of walking, running and jumping etc.

Proper fastening is necessary in kids' shoes to prevent the foot from slipping out causing the child to stumble. Cushioned collars of closed shoes give comfortable ankle support.

Our feet have a very large number of sweat glands. Kids' shoes must be made of a breathable material to keep their feet fresh and free from infections caused by fungi and bacteria

Children tend to have very high leather of activity. Heavy footwear would result in greater stress on joints and muscles.

Help at hand from DRISH:

Given the paramount importance of fit, we started a research project in the summer of 2015 to devise shoe sizing methods that would enable any parent anywhere in the world to accurately determine the length and the girth of the child's foot. We call this innovative sizing method RevosizeTM and the 'Accu Foot Size' app is an integral part of it. This unique sizing method is described in a separate section.

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