Our Story

The Drish story

We share a humble beginning, with many other success stories. Yet our inception was innovatively inspired; we were guided by creativity and we resolutely believed in the possibilities of teamwork and potential of technologies. With modest financial inputs but far-sighted perspective we soon achieved economies of scale to become a venture with strong brand equity. The story of Drish spans twenty eight years of endeavour and achievement. The company consistently ventured into more areas of capabilities, enhancing capacities and foraying into different regions and territories to today establish itself as a leader in manufacturing leather, leather accessories and footwear of global repute.

Beginning in 1988 with upper making and leather finishing, Drish rapidly established its manufacturing facilities of tanning and shoe making by the early 90s. Units were set up with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment of European origin (primarily German technology). Focus primarily was on increasing production volumes and sustaining quality. The next stage beginning in the mid-90s to 2015, was the time of rapid market consolidation with focus on sales, forward vertical integration and retail venturing. Drish acquired two German brands—Fortuna and Manz. Buffalo calf leather ‘Chandi’ became the bestselling leather brand out of India and the company and revenues increased rapidly. Drish has been making formidable strides in the last half decade. Prestigious names likes Zara, Mayoral, Louis Phillipe, Hush Puppies, Van den Assem and ABCD have joined the customers list. 


Customer first

“By nature we are a customer focused organization; we have built the edifice of the company basing it on everyday walking comfort of our customer.” - IS Paul

Customer first here is not an ‘approach’ but a ‘culture’, which nurtured and nourished for over three decades, percolates from the visionary leadership into the fabric of the organization. Everyone at Drish is imbued by a deeply personal and passionate spirit for understanding the needs of the customer and assimilating ‘consumer insights’ into product value chain to create a ‘superior user experience.’ The ever growing global customer base is the primary metric of our success and we believe in amassing ‘satisfied smiles.’ The more we earn this unique wealth, the richer we feel.


Drish craftsmanship

“Leather evokes trust and emotions. It is reliable and lasting. It accents lifestyles.” -IS Paul

There is an inbuilt tradition in whatever we do. Our tanners work closely with our artisans to understand the needs of their workmanship and give them the best and uniquely created raw material. Skillfully cut, the leather pieces are sewn, styled and pasted by craftsmen with skill and an amazing eye for finesse and detail to create timeless beauties.

We relish your joy when you wear them.

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