Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is intrinsic to our growth story.
From just ‘giving’ we are increasingly working towards establishing a triple bottom line framework of laying equal importance to people, planet and profits.

I.S. Paul

Drish is an ethics driven organization that practices sustainability and social responsibility in its sourcing, manufacturing, operations and marketing. We respect environment and the communities we work in, practice transparency in business and provide equal work opportunities to all cutting across cultures and gender.


Commitment to environment

Drish practices a strict code of practice in discharge of effluents and toxic waste into the environment. The Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) treats every drop of effluent from the eight company’s tanneries located at the Leather Complex, Jalandhar. Realizing their environmental responsibilities Mr. IS Paul (MD) and Mr. Ajay Sharma (GM, Leather Production) were on the body of Punjab Effluent Treatment Society (PETS), thereby, through their expertise and guidance helped steer public policy in the direction.

Commitment to society

Children welfare

Drish stands by children of the disadvantaged sections of the society by helping them in their education, nutrition and health care needs. We support their caregivers by enhancing their capacity to earn through occupational training.

Some initiatives to help the children include:

  • i) Provision of books, stationery, school fees and liaison with SOS India for further evaluating and fulfilling the needs of the students.
  • ii) Facilitating visits of pediatrics, gynecologists, physicians and orthopedics in special camps for the children adopted and their families. Regularly holding workshops on health and hygiene and ensuring nutritional support and counseling.
  • iii) Celebrating days like Family Day, Children’s Day, etc.
  • iv) Supporting the Patiala School for the Deaf and Blind Children.
  • v) Holding workshops and sessions on child rights, HIV and AIDS prevention7, yoga and meditation.
  • vi) Donating children’s playing/sports equipment to PGI, Chandigarh. 77
  • vii) Supporting Rani Foundation that is doing a yeoman’s job in prevention and alleviation of breast cancer.

Economic empowerment of families

Drish contributes to the cause of enhancing the livelihood of the weaker sections of society by empowering the families and making them self-reliant. Several vocational courses were organized on a frequent basis such as workshops for stitching and sewing, beauty, pig rearing training, running tea stalls, cloth shops and vegetable shops. Such vocational training has helped many individuals to get employed as beauticians, tailors, farmers and shop owners. The incomes of beneficiaries have increased ranging from 80% to 150% on an average.

Commitment to responsible business

Drish promotes ethical business practices among its stakeholders and fostering a culture of transparency and fair trade practices. We comply with safety and occupational hygiene standards at all our manufacturing and warehousing facilities. We are committed to a code of conduct that sets up high standards of morality and integrity. We respect the laws of the countries in which we operate and create a broad based framework of cross cultural engagement. Drish is a zero-tolerance company for any kind of discrimination and has equal respect for the mores and customs of all religions, regions and ethnicities.


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