We understand that comfort of a shoe is not merely a physical condition but a psychological state of mind, wherein the customer feels an ease and a state of pleasure. Comfort of a shoe depends upon the effect of the shape of the shoe, materials used in the shoe and the attention given by the manufacturer to the sacred tenets of sound shoemaking. At Drish, our priority is to provide our customers the best of comfort features in fashionable and stylish footwear. Comfort not only means acceptability but also ensures us repeat purchases translating into brand loyalty.


We understand all the attributes of a feet. Our fit is not derived from “all-feet-fit-general sizes” school of thinking. Two people might have feet of the same length, but other foot measurements like girth, width, instep girth, arch height etc. might differ.All these factors must be given equivalent importance as they all contribute to the comfort of the shoe.

Through our research and foot surveys, we have conclusively established that Indians have some of the widest feet per unit centimetre of length in the world. Therefore, we offer more than one width for every size (above EU 32) for the benefit of the Indian customer. We have styles in G, H, K and M widths, and certain styles are available in two widths as well.(Survey has been mentioned under the foot surveys heading ) Though companies provide more than one width for a size in Europe, this is exclusively made available in India by Drish. There is a lack of awareness among the Indian customer about the foot size . This can lead to general discomfort and tripping while walking.

Our comprehensive knowledge of feet and footwear enables us to achieve widest range of fits over the largest number of models and sizes. This earns us brand distinction.



We understand customization as the art of stretching our skills and expertise to cater to individual specifications and preferences at every commission. We offer two kinds of footwear customization, depending upon the need of our customers.

The first is the customization of look, style and aesthetics (shoes made to order). We custom design a shoe according to the customer’s choice.They are subject to the choices given in the catalogue available in our store

The second is the customization of fit (Bespoke shoes or shoes made to measure). Often we come across situations when a customer cannot find shoes that fit him/her perfectly, due to their feet being too narrow or too wide. In this case the customer’s feet are measured by our experts using a 3D foot scanning machine as well as physical measurement (to be doubly sure!).This is how we do Bespoke shoes.

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