Researches and surveys have concluded that even though most children are born with healthy feet, approximately 35% boys and 60% girls in the age group of 13-15 years had already developed foot problems. Foot science says that, 70% of foot disorders are attributable to bad shoes- too tight, too loose, of incorrect material and shaped in unnatural ways. Properly fitting shoes and socks are as important for children as is eating healthy food.
The foot has 26 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and 33 joints. There is a possibility of the body being unbalanced if any of these components are not in alignment. Additionally, any discomfort to the foot has the capacity to affect the entire body due to the nature of the bone structure.
An average person takes some 6000 -7000 steps per day, a cumulative total of about 2.3 million steps a year. A child usually takes more steps than an adult because he wants to explore his surroundings with his new found skill of walking, running and jumping. A large share of these steps is accompanied by a step shock, a subtle undercurrent of tremor that reaches the joints of the ankle, hip, knee and spine.
Impact forces that are generated at heel strike can be 50 percent higher than bodyweight in walking and up to three times the bodyweight in running. Over the course of a day, it is likely that impact jarring contributes to physical tiredness. According to researches, the constant wear and tear on the joints may be an important underlying cause of common osteoarthritis or joint deterioration, back pain and fatigue. This is because as we age, the cartilage that protects our bones at the joints from rubbing against each other becomes thinner and less resilient.
Clinical research has shown a link between good shock absorption and recovery from injury or joint and back problems, thus indicating that shock absorbing underfoot materials reduce the risk of impact-related injury. Material type and thickness are the two main factors controlling the level of shock absorption. Footwear, if crafted scientifically using carefully chosen soles, insoles and cushioning on the insoles can reduce the step shock by 40-70%.
The foundation for a child’s physical development is foot health. For making this foundation strong, coddle them with just the correct footwear.