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The Fortuna Promise

Women Love shoes, and most dream of having a closet full of the trendiest styles in every colour of the rainbow, and more! As they grow older and more mature, their tastes may change but the love of shoes does not diminish one bit. A home-maker with kids to take care of, a teacher who spends her day at school standing in class or moving around looking after her students, a doctor with a hectic schedule filled with various appointments, an entrepreneur, a corporate employee and women in several other professions share this same shoe-love.

There is no shortage of women’s footwear in today’s market. One can get designer, stylish, trendy, classic, or comfort shoes for all age groups and in a very wide price range. However, when it comes to work or daily wear, women generally have to choose between fashion and comfort. For a woman who has to spend most of her day walking or standing, comfort takes precedence. This is totally understandable – one cannot work efficiently if one is in pain. Sometimes one might not be consciously aware of the discomfort one is in due to their clothes, shoes or accessories, however, this results in lowering productivity and concentration in work, as well as affecting one’s mood. While comfort is a deliberate choice for most, it is a priority for older women.

So far, the comfort shoe market in India has been restricted to bulky shoes and sandals in bland colours and old-fashioned designs. This has not been the case in the international market.

FORTUNA – the comfort shoe brand of Germany has been making elegant and trendy comfort shoes in vibrant colours since 1929. A very well respected brand in Germany, Fortuna has been offering extremely comfortable leather shoes for women, loafers, closed shoes and house shoes for nearly 90 years now. It is brand associated with superb quality and enduring comfort.

What makes these Fortuna shoes and sandals so comfortable and what sets them apart from other comfort shoes?

To answer the first question, Fortuna sandals and shoes are designed with human ergonomics in mind. Almost all of the Fortuna shoes and sandals feature a short wedge heel that gives support to the wearer’s ankle; The footbed is made of specially designed latex foam foot-pad that does not get compressed easily; genuine calf or sheep leather is used for the upper and lining to make the shoe soft, supple and breathable.

Comfort Shoes

The answer to the second question is that these comfort shoes are available in elegant designs and myriad colours and textures. Also, the foam used in these shoes is durable, ensuring that the customer can use them for several years without having to walk on a hard footbed.

The best thing about Fortuna – it caters to the requirements of women in all age groups, young, middle-aged and old!

Below are few of Fortuna’s bestselling styles available in India.

Fortuna sandals are available exclusively at Drish brand stores (Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jaipur, New Delhi) and the e-store