school shoes for kids

School Shoes for Kids

Did you know? A child’s feet grow up-to 34 times until they are 12 years old which is why it is so important they are fitted well into their school shoes as they walk up to 2500 km every year in them. If their school shoes are uncomfortable or  not the right fit, this could lead to both long term podiatry issues and short term grumbles for parents to deal with!

School shoes from Drish have been specifically designed with ‘your’ child in mind. Considering the amount of activity kids get up to and their still developing physical structure, the shoes have been made in soft and breathable leather to provide a conducive and healthy environment for kid’s feet to grow naturally. The flexible sole, padded collar, proper heel grip, cushioned insole and built-in growing space are all designed to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for your child’s feet.


With Drish’s genuine leather school shoes your kid is all geared up to jump, kick and run around on hard flat surfaces until the last bell rings!

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