Sling-Back Peep-Toe Sandals

Of Fashion, Heels… And, Comfort!

Heels add a certain grace to a woman’s outfit and body language. They manage to enhance the clothes and bring out a smartness in our walk. No wonder we love our heels so much! We all wear our lovely stilettos and fashionable heels to parties and special occasions, but only a few of us are brave enough to take on the inevitable foot ache that comes from wearing them daily to work.

How wonderful it would be to find a few pairs that we can put on for work, without cringing at the memory of the last time we did that and our poor feet at the end of that day. I feel that no matter how well-cushioned or comfortable we make our heels, our feet are still going to hurt a little from being at an unnatural angle all day. Having said that, and though I am usually a Sneakers and Loafers person, I do need to wear heels to work for those formal meetings! So, here’s a peek at some of my favourites for all-day wear.

1. Classic Court Shoes: The comfortable block heel and cushioned footbed of these courts shoes gives a stability and comfort that helps me walk around with ease while minimising the pressure on my feet. The heel height, slightly square toe and genuine leather upper add an element of understated style.

Drish Classic Court Shoes

2. Kitten Heel Pumps: These kitten heels are elegant and exude a feminine charm that just seems to enhance any outfit. The toe shape is not too round to be boring, nor too pointed to be uncomfortable – it is perfect for my foot shape. The patent leather strap is a fun element, so I can wear them to a get-together with friends without feeling too official and uptight!


3. Sling-Back Peep-Toe Sandals: Though not my choice for office wear, these are heels that I gladly wear for a day on the town with my friends. The block heel is nice and comfy for all-day wear, while the floral upper is charming and cheerful. This pair never fails to brighten up my mood and always makes me feel pretty.

Drish Peep Toe Sandals

Though I might still wear high, designer heels for some parties, I will stick to the block and kitten heels for daily wear. Pick out your style from the women’s collection on