The shoe fetish that pulls you to shoe stores can make you overlook factors like shoe comfort and fit. While you entrust your feet to the shoe that catches your fancy, you probably forget to look into the comfort aspect and end up owning a pair of shoes that hurts your feet, and results in foot-related problems, which might end up permanently damaging your feet and/or gait. So, here’s a few pointers to help you avoid such follies:

1. Start your day with yoga, not shoe shopping. Your feet swell as the day goes on. So, try buying your shoe in latter part of the day. Your shoe should have the ability to accommodate the added volume.

2. Pay heed to Size. Even if you find the shoe of your dreams, don’t rush into buying it unless it is the right size. It is advisable to consult a trained shoe fitter to determine your correct shoe size. This is even more important when shopping for kids because, unlike yours, the bones of their feet are still soft and they are not able to tell if the shoe fits well or not.

3. Don’t buy a tightfitting shoe with optimistic thoughts of breaking into it. A well-made, well-fitting shoe will not need to be broken into. You might fall for a pair of gorgeous-looking shoes but, unfortunately, you cannot will them into fitting well on your feet.

4. Find the correct fit. Everyone loves shoes. Are the ones you chose made for your feet? Does it have adequate toe allowance and an appropriate toe box? Does it hold on to your foot while walking, or do your own toes have to twist and bend to hold on to the shoe? Your shoe should not try to modify the shape of your foot; rather the shoe should conform to the shape of the foot. Also, your footwear needs to hold on to your foot (with the help of fastenings like straps, buckles etc.), not the other way around.

5. Be a wise shopper, and save on doctors’ bills- Don’t shy away from fine quality shoes because of their prices. Saving pennies now might mean spending pounds on doctors’ bills when your feet ache and/or develop deformities caused by wrong footwear.

Did you know? Leather is the only material known to man that is breathable, permeable, soft and supple, and ages gracefully. Add to that the aesthetic value it adds to a pair of shoes, and you have all the reasons to splurge on leather shoes that contribute toward foot comfort and health.