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Love for Boots

Everyone loves boots! For the Style, for the Warmth, for the Sturdiness, or just for the Cuddly-Cozy feeling. You can choose your reason but you can’t deny your love for Boots. Winter, especially Christmas, is the time when we have an urge to splurge on a pair of gorgeous new winter shoes. But how do we decide which ones are best for us when there are so many to choose from?

Here’s a list of some of the popular shoe styles and reasons for buying them:

Chelsea Boots :

Nothing beats a pair of classic Chelsea Boots. They are an absolute must have for both men and women. Women can pair them with dresses, skirts and jeans for a casual chic look or with trousers for a formal, office look. Chelsea boots worn with denims just nail the stylish urbane mien. Plain vamp boots or brogue toe boots can fabulously complement corporate work wear as well. If you’re getting only one pair, get it in a rich Tan colour.

Chukka Boots:

Mesh Chukka Boots for Men
Chukka Boots were traditionally designed to provide both walking comfort and a distinct style to men’s outfits. Though originally featuring an unlined upper and thin leather soles, several contemporary variations of the Chukka Boots are now available in the market. It is a versatile style that goes extremely well with semi-formal and casual attire. Every dapper man must have at least one version of the Chukka in his footwear closet.
Biker Boots:

Biker Boots from Drish
Every motorcycle lover feels the importance of owning a pair of sturdy, stylish leather biker boots. The leg-height may vary from ankle length to calf length, but the sole is invariable sturdy and the leather rugged. Buy one to match your bike.

Knee Boots:

Mid Heel Knee Length Boots
Knee and thigh high boots keep you stylish and warm, besides adding a note of drama to your outfit. Cute, elegant, smart or fun, a good pair will be versatile enough to complement any outfit you choose. While Black is an all-time favorite, a Tan or a Bordo is sure to catch eyes at anywhere you go.

Fur-Lined Boots:

Drish Fur-Lined Boots repented by Ali Fazal

The best part about living in a very cold region is that you get to wear the coziest fur-lined boots. The fur lining not only keeps you warm in the chilly winters, but also adds charm to your outfit. Get a pair in Brown that goes well with denims and tights. Men can also get a dandy pair of fur-lined boots to be worn with their denims and semi-formal trousers.


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