How to Buy Baby’s First Walking Shoes

There is nothing more pleasing than watching your baby take his first tiny steps. It’s one of the most exciting milestone for all parents. This is the time when parents start considering to shop the first pair of shoes for their baby. No wonder picking the first walking shoe for baby is exciting but is also not easy for parents. Since most of the baby shoes are so adorable and cute, parents find it difficult to choose and get confused which one to go for.

Before going for shoe-shopping for your babies it is important to understand that the bones in their feet are made of soft and flexible cartilage that slowly hardens over time. Jamming your baby’s feet into shoes that are too tight or ill-fitting can stop his growth and movement.

Here’s your guide to finding the right shoes for your baby at the right time.

Flexible and Anti-slip Soles The soles should be flexible and offer firm grip. Bend the soles and check if they are bending easily and are not stiff for your baby’s growing feet.

Padding Baby walking shoes should offer firm support and must be padded on the heel backs (so that the heel sits snuggly against the back of the shoe) and around the ankles to minimize friction, and also on the bottom inside for comfort.

Secure Closures Avoid slip-on shoes which are easy to put on but are that easy to take-off. Go for velcro or lace-up fastenings as they don’t come off so easily.

Breathable and Lightweight material When it comes to shoes we think there is no other material better than leather- 100% genuine, breathable and soft. It helps feet stay dry and cool. Also, it will conform to the shape of your child’s foot.

Correct Size and Fit It is essential to squeeze and check the shoes from the top when your child is wearing them. If you are not able to do it, the shoes might be too tight for your babies feet. Make sure there is a full thumb-width between the end of his longest toe and the front of the shoe. The shoe should provide just enough wiggle room without being too big, so that your child’s feet develops without any restriction.

Based on the above guidelines, here are some baby shoes from Drish you might want to consider for your baby’s first steps!