HAPPY SOLES CREATE HAPPY SOULS This is what inspires us in our mission to design an exclusive range of  Leather Shoes for Men, Women and Kids for our online and exclusive brand stores. The superior cushioning-technique that we use in our shoes, is part of the reason our shoes are so comfortable. We strive to create shoes that act as a comfortable cradle to your foot and conform to your foot shape.

Excited to know how we go about making shoes that are Healthy for your feet? We use latex foam (of varying thickness) in all our shoes. Latex foam is durable and does not lose its softness quickly. In most of our styles, we provide an extra layer of cushion at the heel area for better support. The purpose of all this padding is to provide plush comfort to the soles of your feet. Also, the added cushioning provides shock absorption, that protects your joints, from the ankle up to the back bone, from the “shock”and increased friction caused by walking, jumping and running.

We believe leather offers the perfect characteristics for footwear-100% natural, durable, breathable, flexible and comfortable, however, not only the upper of the shoes is made-up of leather even the sock lining used in our shoes is full leather that enhances breathability of the shoe and repels moisture. Believe us, you’ill be happy to wear these shoes day in or day out owing to the comfortable, flexible and breathable sole and in-sole properties in our shoes.

Whosoever says Comfort and Style don’t go together definitely hasn’t worn a pair of Drish Shoes.